September 09

Do no harm health workers join mandatory H1N1 vaccine resisters

Sept. 24, 2009
More American health workers are joining others across the nation and the world protesting the mandatory, experimental H1N1 vaccine that many health experts agree is far more dangerous than the flu and not needed.
Vaccinate or lose job
A New York state rally will be held in Albany next week to protest state regulation mandating that they be vaccinated with the dangerous H1N1 flu vaccine or lose their jobs. Similar state laws related to pandemics exist in forty-four states.
Federal legislation can overide state laws and provide no choice in vaccination when a pandemic and national emergency have been declared such as now.

H1N1 Flu Vaccine is Toxic

Sept. 18, 2009
The willful use of toxic substances known to cause injury and death in a vaccine or injection is prohibited. The prohibition of such use is a universally accepted as a part of national and international law.
There is scientific evidence that the swine flu vaccine, especially the adjuvants, specifically squalene, cause serious injury and death.
Adjuvants have not been approved by the FDA for use in the USA.

Why Millions of Americans Don't Need a Swine Flu Vaccine

Sept. 16, 2009
The FDA has now suddenly granted approval to four different H1N1 vaccines, all on the same day! With virtually no testing, these fast-tracked vaccines are now approved for use on everyone: Infants, children, adults, senior citizens and even expectant mothers. But does everyone really need these vaccines?
According to the CDC, by June of 2009, one million Americans had already been exposed to H1N1 swine flu. Although the CDC hasn't released official infection statistics in recent months, with the rapid spread of the mild virus, it's not unreasonable to suspect that by now, three months later, the number of Americans who have been exposed to H1N1 swine flu has at least doubled to two million.

Ingredients Found in Spermicides, Cleaners, and Cosmetics along with Thimerosal, and Squalene Present in Experimental H1N1 Vaccine

Sept. 15, 2009
Trials for the experimental H1N1 Swine flu vaccine commence Tuesday, September 15th in Thornton, Colorado. Novartis, a bio-pharmaceutical company that manufactures the vaccine, is recommending that children participating in the trial receive two doses of an experimental vaccine which contain ingredients found in spermicides, cleaners, and cosmetics along with thimerosal and squalene (MF59). Everyone should have a sense of concern as the only safety checks for these children are a few blood draws and follow-up phone calls. No neurological testing. No kidding.
Official opinions from federal agencies, such as the CDC, insist that the new vaccine will be safe and effective. Experts say we can trust the new H1N1 experimental vaccine because the technology used to create the vaccine is time tested. Experts argue that the only variable changing from the ‘normal’ flu vaccine and the H1N1 experimental vaccine is the novel A/H1N1 antigen. In other words, the same vaccine ‘technology’ is used but with the new virus.

Nano Particles used in Untested H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccines

Sept. 13, 2009
Vaccines which have been approved by the responsible government authorities for vaccination against the alleged H1N1 Influenza A Swine Flu have been found to contain nano particles. Vaccine makers have been experimenting with nanoparticles as a way to “turbo charge” vaccines for several years. Now it has come out that the vaccines approved for use in Germany and other European countries contain nanoparticles in a form that reportedly attacks healthy cells and can be deadly.
In 2007 researchers at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) announced in an article in the journal, Nature Biotechnology, that they had developed a “nanoparticle that can deliver vaccines more effectively, with fewer side effects, and at a fraction of the cost of current vaccine technologies.” The article went on to describe the effects of their breakthrough: “At a mere 25 nanometers, these particles are so tiny that once injected, they flow through the skin’s extracellular matrix, making a beeline to the lymph nodes. Within minutes, they’ve reached a concentration of DCs thousands of times greater than in the skin. The immune response can then be extremely strong and effective.”

H1N1 vaccine -- yay or nay?

Sept. 12, 2009
The federal government's rush to ready 50.4 million H1N1 vaccines for Canadians by November is fueling angst in some quarters about the new serum and its potential risks.
Health Canada's controversial decision to use an adjuvant -- a chemical booster to allow for more vaccine production -- has only compounded concerns.
The anxiety comes despite assurances from the Public Health Agency of Canada, Health Canada and the World Health Organization that the vaccine will adhere to high safety standards.
"New vaccines always provoke anxieties," said Dr. Ross Upshur of the University of Toronto's bioethics department.
Questions about the vaccine's effectiveness and its risks is only compounding anxiety, he said.

Dangerous, Deadly H1N1 Vaccine Scam Exposed

Sept. 10, 2009
The World Health Organization (WHO) is spreading propaganda like the flu to convince people new, genetically engineered, live “mock” influenza viruses in vaccines are safe.
On August 6, 2009, following news that more than half the world’s health professionals will refuse vaccinations this fall, the WHO issued a directive to governments to reassure people the new flu vaccines, still being tested, are “safe.” A major U.S. media blitz followed featuring Barack Obama telling Americans to get vaccinated, and network broadcasts maligning vaccination opponents.
“From the White House to, H1N1 swine flu vaccine promoters and promotions, costing taxpayers tens of millions of dollars, are serving ‘BigPharma’ advancing a genocidal agenda,” reports public health expert and media analyst, Dr. Leonard Horowitz. “Dismissing harmful vaccine side effects that may sicken millions of people following injections of immune-system intoxicating chemicals, heavy metals, viral proteins, and foreign genetic materials reflects gross criminal malfeasance,” he says.

Junk Science and Contradictions Dominate WHO Pandemic Statements and Policies

Sept. 10, 2009
The World Health Organization (WHO) claims that by employing their monitoring standards on outbreaks from different parts of the world, they are able to obtain sufficient information to make tentative conclusions about how the influenza pandemic might evolve in the coming months. Much of the clever phrasing on the WHO website is convincing enough to conceal the fact that all their pandemic policies on response and preparation recommendations are based on pure speculation and junk science.
More and more investigations on the flu pandemic hype are exposing the malicious intent by the agencies involved. The hype which has been so masterfully publicized by the WHO, CDC and other government agencies, is simply an evolving perpetual motor of deception.

My son's doctor said this about H1N1 vaccine

Sept. 09, 2009
My son had his check up last Friday and I wanted to ask her her thoughts on the vaccine. She is very modern and takes every parents worries and concerns about any vaccinations seriously. In fact we put off any innoculations for our son until he was almost 3 yrs old because we were worried about overloading his little system while he was a baby. She was cool with that. Anyway, I asked her about what she thought and she said....
With a big breathe that she was concerned about the safety of the vaccine but given her line of work (pediatrics) she was going to take the vaccine and was going to give it to her children as well. HOWEVER...she was extremely worried about her patients that were already immune compromised and feared that this flu would kill them but it was a roll of the dice because the vaccine could also cause problems with children that had underlying health issues. She did not recommend my son receive the vaccine when it becomes available.

Tracking flu vaccine safety revealed 'small risk' in '76

Sept. 07, 2009
Thirty-three years ago at Fort Dix, N.J., military recruit Pvt. David Lewis died 24 hours after feeling sick, reviews of the incident say.
He died from swine flu.
The U.S. government inoculated 45 million Americans against swine flu between Oct. 1 and Dec. 16, 1976 (nobody beyond Fort Dix got sick), says an article by the late Dr. Leonard Kurland of Rochester, a Mayo Clinic physician who formed the Rochester Epidemiology Project. More than 95 percent of current Olmsted County residents have given the REP permission to use medical-records data for research.

Swine Flu: Biggest Scam of 2009 Begins, Millions Prepare to “Protect Their Health”

Sept. 05, 2009
The plague of modern society is preparing for the event that will quite possibly be the most dangerous thing to happen to humanity since the last great outbreak: the release of the Swine Flu vaccination. That’s right, not the flu, the “prevention.”
A “top news story” featured on AOL this morning with the brazen title “2,000 Students at Washington State University Have Swine Flu.”
The article says that “More than 2,000 students at Washington State University have come down with swine flu symptoms in just the first week of classes, school officials said Friday

DOD to require H1N1 flu vaccinations for all active-duty personnel

Sept. 03, 2009
Starting this fall, all active-duty personnel will be required to get vaccinated against the H1N1 flu virus, Defense Department officials announced this week.
Health care workers, deploying troops, those serving on ships and submarines, and enlistees are among those who will get the vaccination first, said Army Dr. (Lt. Col.) Wayne Hachey, director of preventive medicine for Defense Department health affairs.
“Any place where we take a bunch of people, squash them all together … and put them under stressful conditions will get the vaccine first,” Hachey said during an interview Tuesday on the military’s Pentagon Channel. “Flu on a submarine is a very bad thing. We’d rather prevent that if we can.”

Feds want reports on swine flu vaccine, GBS

Sept. 02, 2009
While they are not expecting a lot of people who receive the vaccine against the H1N1 flu virus to come down with a potentially serious neurological disorder, federal health officials want to hear from any specialists who come across anyone with the post-immunization complication.
A few medical experts and consumer safety groups have expressed concern that people who are vaccinated against the swine flu virus this year will come down with Guillain-Barré syndrome. Some people who received the vaccine during an effort to prevent an outbreak of a form of swine flu in 1976 came down with the neurological disorder, known as GBS.